Jun 10, 2010

Vine Bar at Caribbean Princess.

Caribbean Princess Cruise - Vine Bar - Wine Tasting - CruiseGirl
Welcome to The Vine Bar, Caribbean Princess' premiere European style wine bar. I really enjoyed my time  here: not only they serve amazing selection of all kinds of wine, but you also get a special appetizer accompanying your wine: a choice of sushi, ceviche,selection of  artisan cheese  and fruits, or truly delicious Italian meatballs. During the voyage, sommelier will host various themed wine tastings. I could attend only one - the "Old World Wines", and left very pleased with the presentation. Both sommeliers are very knowledgeable and friendly, helping you to find a right wine for your taste, and recommending some new selections.

 Caribbean Princess Wine Bar Olena and Roman Puzanov
I met a married couple – Olena and Roman Puzanov, both working in the Vine Bar, as a sommelier and bartender. You are rarely can see married couples on the cruise ship, and maybe that is why that bar has a special vibe – when people who are working there are happy, client will be happy, too.   


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