May 17, 2010

Caribbean Princess departure - It is scary cruising single !

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After months of dreaming to go on the cruise I booked the Caribbean Princess cruise just a week before the departure date. It was supposed to be a first time traveling with a cruisemate found on Cruisemate's website, however, the old lady sent me email with short "Sorry I can't attend the trip notice" and I was left with the inside stateroom and single surcharge. After trying to find someone to share expenses I decided to  go by myself! Not that I have any other choice...

Well, those who have been cruising, they know that traveling solo on the cruise isn't easy. When 90% of the passengers are traveling as couples or at least as family members, it might be quite difficult  and intimidating to walk to the dinner or some event alone. Especially for the people like me, shy and slightly introverted. So I am really anxious and nervous about my upcoming trip. 

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