Jun 5, 2010

June 2010 Caribbean Princess Embarkation Day

Another trip that was booked less than a week away from the departure! I was placed on the waiting list on the Princess website and received a phone call from the agency a day later offering the room and the same price of $699 per person for a guaranteed inside room. If I booked a eek ago the rate would be better, yet right now I am just happy to get back onboard the Caribbean Princess.

Only today I found where I was assigned on Caribbean Princess - it's room E301. After checking deck plans I was pleasantly surprised - the room E301 on Caribbean Princess is a wheelchair accessible. It means there is about 30% extra space! The downside is the obstructed view, but I don't care for the view anyway.
I am learning how to pack for the cruise more efficient, however since I shouldn't fly and pay for extra luggage, there is a high temptation to add a lot of stuff just in case. And this time I am bringing some wine with me as well - love making my afternoon sangria!

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