May 24, 2010

Free Drinks on Caribbean Princess Cruise

Free drinks at Caribbean Princess Cruise
Free Champagne at Art auction
When you are traveling single on the cruise it is more tempting to have that glass of wine at the bar - it feels like it is easier to socialize with a glass in the hand ( works the same for happy hours on the land, doesn't it?).  I noticed first day that some folks didn't know about tipping policy onboard - they would be trying to include bartender's tips in the bill, that already has 15% of gratuity added by default. Well, I found prices in Caribbean Princess cruise quite reasonable, especially comparing to Philadelphia downtown's bars.

What is nice, Caribbean Princess has "After 8 pm" specials, where for $2.99 you can get Pina Colada, Singapore Sling or Long Island Iced Tea - sweet, isn't?! Almost free! And talking about sweet: one of the best cocktails I tried on Caribbean Princess was Strawberry Shortcake - be careful, it is really addicting!
The same "After 8 pm" promotion includes home spirits for the same $2.99 - about 60% savings. Unfortunately, there was no special deals for wine. 

Remember, you always can get a free champagne on Art Auction and Champagne Waterfall.

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